The Software Marketing Story

It's tremendous time to be involved in software marketing!

Software is now ubiquitous. That's our current and most likely future reality. From apps installed on our smartphones to software working for large organizations such as databases, accounting, and security systems, down to software operating self-driving cars, trains, airplanes and space vehicles. It's literally everywhere, and it dramatically affects and shapes our lives, makes them better or, well, sometimes worse. We're incredibly dependent on software. While software development is evolving very fast, marketing for software products and services is falling far behind.

Many people now can create software, and there are many people educated in traditional marketing. Yet, there's trouble in that conventional approaches to marketing - classic marketing plans, pricing and licensing strategies, promotion channels and positioning statements are designed in siloed marketing departments using standard waterfall approaches which don't really work well for modern high-tech and software projects.

The knowledge of how to effectively market software and break through the ever-growing noise is kept in secret by a small number of wunderkinders and professionals. They are proficient in both software development and marketing, they know all ins and outs of the modern digital world, and understand how both software and marketing work. The rest either copy-paste and try to reproduce the successful tricks of the greatest software companies of the present and past or try using some general marketing techniques and tactics which almost never work given software specifics and modern digital context.

Surprisingly, there are not that many educational materials for developers and marketers on how to do software marketing in the right way. Google for "software marketing" or "marketing software products" and most probably you'll find just few relevant search results. That surprised us when we were in need of understanding how to market the software we were working on at that time.

We decided to create this learning resource to help software developers and marketers understand how both software development and marketing work and co-exist to amplify each other to produce incredible results whether they are profit or a disruptive innovation changing people's lives.

Whether you need the latest advanced tactics, a refresher on the basics, or to start from scratch, this is your home for software marketing knowledge.