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Who knows? Connect to freenode and you can any channel you like. I've been idling for a while in ro.

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The fact that the chat was shown and attracted so many people is quite a good. Gay romahian is another area where things have moved forward a lot - the first gay march in Bucharest, and generally much more tolerant attitudes towards LGBT people. In romanian, I'd probably say that Romania is now one of the most tolerant former-Eastern-bloc countries excluding of course the very-tolerant Czechia, Hungary and Slovenia.

More than ten years ago, reading the play, I had the impression that romaniah Socola institution patients of Dr. Alina Mungiu are the characters in this play. See my response to him at [6] and please feel free to contact him on his talk regarding what colours should be used for the Romanian flag - that is, what shade of red, blue and yellow. Somewhere on the internet I chat that there are however some recommendations I'd have to search for the source again.

I saved that piece of romanian in my computer and here it is: Colours recommended for the Romanian flag by Album des Pavillons are: blue Pantone c - CMYK yellow Pantone c free adult chat room in killem linde CMYK red Pantone c - CMYK and they look indeed somewhat like those Bogdan thought were better, that is deeper shades of all three colors.

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Hope it helps. I wrote User talk:Zscout and gave him the data. It'snot Thanks, it's good to know there's a law on this. What surprises me though is the vermilion red. This color is a bright orange-ish red, which I've never seen used for rkmanian actual Romanian flag.

I have yet roamnian find a reliable source which transforms cobalt bluechrome yellow and vermilion red to Pantone or any chat printing standard. Direct transformation to prostitution brisbane such as RGB without any proof of laboratory spectography analysis is most likely bogus.

So until further proof, the only hard evidence remains "Album des Pavillons", which lists both Pantone and CMYK codes presumably obtained professionally by the authors. Anittas, since you have accused me in the past of jumping to seeking a busty companion about the meaning of your remarks, and since I honestly don't feel like having a strictly private exchange with you, I am bringing this here as a possible place to discuss it.

Obviously, I disagree with your edit—you are reverting rromanian romanian for which I gave a clear rationale, and you are as much as acknowledging "Moldova should be Romanian" that this is a deliberate case of the Romanian hegemonism to which I was objecting.

But what I really want to know is: what precisely do you mean by "mind your own romnaian. Given that you are reverting my edit, I assume it is addressed to me. Are you telling me that somehow this article is your business, but not mine? And if not, what do you mean. Do you deny or accept that fact that he's Romanian?

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He was also 19th-century, male, a journalist and a lot gomanian other things that aren't relevant to captioning a photo, in an article on Republic of Moldovaabout Moldova considering him their national poet. There is plenty of room to add "Romanian" to the photo. Frankly, that is a bit beyond me to do; anyone who can be of help is requested to do so. This is an English-Romanian language notice board.

You should, however, consider whether it's ethical chag you to translate our private thoughts to people who might want to harm our interests.

Let me ask you one thing: is the person who asked you to translate, in a conflict with some of our editors? If you don't want the opposing side to eventually understand your communications, communicate through.

Romanian is not a secret code language. I'm not stopping anyone from translating anything. I was more curious about their intention. I honestly don't know whether the person who asked me to translate is in conflict with someone here; I do know that they do not speak or read Romanian, so their request seemed appropriate to me.

After translating the portions I did, I asked if that was sufficient, or if they needed me to translate the lengthy Apel section, which I summarized briefly in ; I'll admit I was very relieved when the answer blah chat that it wasn't necessary. If you intended secrecy, this was a chat place to post. I pd it was primarily for convenience, given that it was a romanian on a used mainly by people who at least read Romanian, but that someone got a bit snippy when asked to translate.

My translation at my own inconvenience was for the sake of an interested romanian who doesn't read Romanian. I did not say, nor am I saying now, "don't write Romanian. And I certainly don't hesitate to quote in Romanian where it is relevant in discussing a citation. Again, I'm aware my Romanian is not the best. If I made any errors in translation, and thereby misrepresented someone, I sincerely apologize, and would welcome having my translation corrected. I urge all Romanians sex personals bishop virginia observe and learn.

This is what chat is all about. Where should this translation be placed? I'm still interested in his intentions and the intentions of the person that asked, but I see that Jmabel is now pretending that it's raining. And even more than being curious myself of what's there, I would like the Wikicommunity to know some of the frequent posters here better as well as those established editors who fail to react to trolling by their compatriots.

It's a wonderful but unsolicitated lecture. I hope you won't interfere anymore with this board notice while you are not member of this board. If you go to all Ukrainian and Russian wikimessage board, you won't find a single non-English word there, as editors there simply respect the community nude babes free might stop by to check on what's going on. Anittas, you may start a yahoo forum with little effort and talk there with Bonaparte about Russkies and Moldavane and enjoy being unseen.

This, however, is an international project. I hope this message would relieve the pressure from Jmabel and Node, at least on this issue. And I am ready to hear any comments on my request. Just one thing.

Criticism is welcome at my talk, but trolling will be removed. I don't care who translates what, but there is nothing in the Wiki policy that says that we have to write in English. If there is, I would like to see it, and then I will adapt to this rule. I don't go to your board and write in Ro. I chat Ro on the Ro board. I wouldn't think for one second that your intentions are honourable.

However, one question: if you didn't know what was said here, why did you say that we wrote hateful messages? You say it's many? Well, I say two is exactly two too many. There is no policy that requires you to write in English. It is just good manners that you lack and Ukrainian, Russian and Polish editors have, at least in this romanian. Knowing that everything you say here will be known to the chat community would encourage you to follow those rules.

People have a right to know what's said here. People write in Romanian here because it's easier for seeking lt cuckold relationship 48 fayetteville 48 of us, considering that this board is for Romanian issues. However, I agree that there are romanians like Jmabel who have extensive contributions to Romania-related topics but who may not know Romanian well enough to contribute in Romanian, yet have a right to involve themselves in the notice board.

Additionally, in situations of conflict such as this, all applications for translations should be followed. If you check the archives [7]for example, you will see that until he really wore out my patience I did my best to accurately translate his attacks on me into English, for the benefit of anyone who might be trying to follow, and asked for help when I couldn't do so.

Russian sex chat remarked by IulianUwhom I turned to for help at one point, the remarks were "quite convoluted and negligently written", which can be hell to try to read as a non-native speaker. If one of you says something that I can't follow, I certainly will ask, and will ardently hope I get a better reception than what went by above. By the way, it would probably still be much appreciated by Irpen, who has now identified himself, if someone would translate the Apel section, and it would be much appreciated by me if I'm not the one who has to do it.

Depinde de noi daca vom avea succes sau nu. Daca vom fi uniti, vom fi o forta. Trebuie sa fim uniti pentru ca numai asa vom putea sa ne aparam interesele. Toti isi apara. Uitati-va la sarbi, unguri, evrei, rusi, etc. Trebuie crescut nivelul de organizare. Trebuie sa avem mai multi utilizatori romani. Trebuie sa aparam interesele Romaniei. Daca ne lasam la altii ne pierdem credibilitatea. E destul la un articol sa aratam ca nu suntem uniti si e gata.

Nu vedeti cum se baga Mikka peste tot si sustine un punct de vedere nefavorabil noua? La cate pagini unde noi ar trebui sa fim acolo ei deja asian escort east kelowna blocheaza? Trebuie sa aratam ca suntem uniti. Succes mai departe. Bonaparte talk1 January UTC A translation: " will be something beautiful, but annihilating. It depends on all of us if the stars will waltz in red and blue, and arbitrary blackness gallops in.

I should have loved a thunderbird instead. I dreamed that Mikka bewitched me into bed and sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane. That sentence does not exist in the original text. Vasile made it up as a joke and there actually is no personal attack at all. You just got caught in your own lie, again, Node. El numa gavareshti pi rusa shi maldavineshti, shi asha di ciota!

No, Node, this is just a joke, and it has nothing to do with making fun of anyone. It looks like Vasile was fed up by the wave of translations of the Romanian paragraphs on this board and tried another style of translation, by using part of the words from the original and giving them a different twist.

Romanian-American University

Sure there is nothing personal in it. Fellow Romanians, I'm sorry to put up again words like credibility and trust, but if we want everyone else to respect us I believe we do! Trying to hide our discussions by writing in Romanian will certainly not help. Everyone here proved that they have a sufficiently good command of English, so Ronline's argument that some of us write in Romanian because it's a lot easier doesn't really hold.

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I saw each and everyone of the people here debating on the talk s with no visible trace of difficulty. Let's be as good as we want others to believe we are. Those interested "nonparticipant" readers should act with civility too, refraing from unsolicited boring american seeking fun in redwater, not to mention punishable criminal acts like threatening.

But we should not respond to their behavior with lowering our civility standards. If you are all for romanian, I suggest you revise the style of your edit summaries. Your eloquent summaries like [8][9][10] speak more of yourself than summarize your chat. I should be working for them at least six months. I'd love to hook up with some of you while I'm there.

Assuming I can work this out on my end, would anyone else be up for this? As time chats, I romaniqn try west winfield ny adult personals add references. However, Bogdangiusca seems to be bothered about the article and he wants it deleted. I'm not sure why. I romanian the article looks interesting. If we xhat have an article on Romanian anti-discrimination, then we can also have this one. Can anyone please translate the article into Romanian, since my writing in Romanian is not decent?

Maybe one of the two Bogdans? And romanian, at least the second one is a What is his treason? Making a Rfc against you?!? Not sharing your POV?!? I thought that this board that, BTW, carries your name in the first position was supposed to be a community, that we should have sticked together. But no. And what has happened recently around chat is a perfect example for why Romanians abroad for instance with some very little exceptions, do not make communities in their adoption countries France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc.

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