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The Best Methodology For Marketing Software Products

The Best Methodology For Marketing Software Products

Did you know that one of the biggest challenges for marketers is that they can rarely provide enough evidence that their work positively affects revenues and have an impact on business? Especially in software companies marketing is often perceived at best as something “probably” working but difficult to measure thus ineffective, at worst as an unnecessary spending. Still many do marketing just because everyone else does it. Another pressing problem ...

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Golden Rules of Product Manager in Software Company

As we’ve learned, product management activities span across the two primary roles: Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager. The actual activities performed by one role or another and the importance of these activities greatly depend on the software product lifecycle stage and project specifics. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who performs the required job, more importantly, that the job gets done. Whether you ...

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The Role of Product (Marketing) Manager in Software Company

The person who unites the company into a single value delivery unit is called a product manager. This person is responsible for balancing the cost of a product with the quality and functionality. Product managers act as a go-between for the product development and the commercial departments, translating technology and product features into user-benefits and Unique Selling Points (USPs). A product manager has to guide the cross-department team and focus ...

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What makes marketing software products different from traditional marketing?

Software marketing is different from marketing traditional goods and services. Moreover, the software marketplace is dramatically different from even ten years ago, with new marketing behaviors, opportunities, channels, and challenges emerging.

Software Product Life Cycle

Software Product Life Cycle Explained

Now that we know the core principles and concepts of modern marketing and how they apply to software marketing, it’s the right time to look into what software product is and explore the anatomy of the software product life cycle. From the previous article we’ve learned that good marketing is not something performed by a single person or a department. It also doesn't happen by accident. It’s ...

Core Marketing Concepts

Core Marketing Concepts for Software Marketing

We defined marketing, its scope and how it fits into business processes as an organizational function. To better understand the marketing function and move forward to software marketing specifics, we need to have a shared understanding of some core marketing concepts.